Friday, March 19, 2010

Where'd Mama Go?

So Mommy brought me to this funny place and I feel like I have been here before! Oh wait, I HAVE! This weekend, I have to stay with my Mommy's Mom because she is going to Gatlinburg, TN with some of her human friends. I get to spend the weekend with Tinkerbell, who is also a Chihuahua. She is my protector and we love to play together. Although, she stole my bed and made me sleep in her bed!! Oh well..she is older, so I guess she wins.

Anyways, Mom is very sad that she has to leave me. She hasn't been away from me for quite some time now, so it is going to be so weird for her! She has been calling here like crazy checking in on me. Geesh, I am a BIG GIRL now Mama! Hehe. I am just going to enjoy my time with Miss Tinkerbell. It's not too often that I have a little friend to play with! Grandma has a big fenced in yard to play and run around in. I'm having a blast!

Did I tell you Mom's getting me a sister soon?

To be continued... :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You got mail!

So today was like any typical day. The mailman came by and I barked at him, Mom got up and went to see what was in the mailbox.

She saw a little yellow package and it was for ME!!! So she opened it up and inside were two BEAUTIFUL dresses just my size! They were handmade by a very nice lady and Mommy was so excited!

The best thing is that I got a pink one, which is my favorite color and a GREEN one! PERFECT for St. Patty's Day!
Ahhh, I love getting mail:)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm losing my teeth!

Today, Mommy noticed that I was doing something funky with my tongue. She came over to me and started chuckling and then saw something fall from my mouth! It was a TOOTH:) This is my third one that I have lost in the past week or so. Where's the tooth fairy?!?!?! Geesh, she must not come for doggie teeth:( But anyways, Mom says I am getting to be a big girl and it's making her sad how time is flying. I'm 6 months old now and now weighing 2.4 lbs. I'm growing into a young lady:)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lovin' Life

Me, Mom and Dad went for another walk! There is a nearby park with lots of open green grass so Dad told my Mama, "Let her off her leash and see what she does. It's fenced in and no one else is in let's try it." Mom said, "NO WAY!" So Dad kept bothering her until she gave in. So we went to the middle of the park where there was a huge open area and they took my harness/leash off of me. At first, I just stood there and had NO CLUE what to do with myself, so Dad said, "Come on Bella!" and he began to run like a crazy man. I started chasing him and Mom was freaking out in the time being. I did figure eights and ran around like a nutty dog! I had a blast. Mom says next time we will take a ball and we will play fetch. Who says you can't have fun with a tiny dog?! They sure haven't played with a Chihuahua before! We are little giant balls of energy:) I can't wait to go play in the park again!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

My First "Official" Walk With Mom

Today was such a BEAUTIFUL day! Mommy decided to try out the leash walking again today when she got home. She was VERY nervous at first because of how I have been previously.......but I DID AMAZING!!! I trotted around like I was a pro at walking on a leash:) Mom was so proud! After we went on a walk, Mommy and I went out and about. We went to Petsmart to pick up some things and we tried out the leash again. This time, I did what I usually do and laid down on the ground..waiting for Mama to pick me up. Let's just say I don't like walking around in that big ol' place! Those big doggies are SO intimidating!

I think I'll stick with the outdoors!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"In like a lamb, out like a lion."

Mother nature has been giving us some AWESOME weather! Mommy hopes it stays like this, and so do I! But you never know with the month of day it's sunny and then the next there is a blizzard! I get to go outside for walks in the park if it stays nice out! I am getting better with leash walking, but I have lots more to work on with it. It seems like the past few weekd have been so gloomy out, but today there was SUN! I love sun-bathing because I love how warm it feels:) Mommy ended up moving my bed periodically throughout the day so that I was always in the sun's rays through the window. Boy am I a spoiled little girl!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Can Call Me "Miss Diva"

Mommy just got a sewing machine...basically for me because I am too small to fit in any clothing she buys me! Now, she can make me cute little outfits and I'll be the only one who has one like it:) What could be better than that?! Mom wants to get real good at it, and then eventually start selling them to other Chi-babies, just like me:) This is my first dress..Don't I look like a little diva? Beyonce better watch out, because here I come!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leash Training...Gone Bad

"I don't think so!"
So lately, Mom has been attaching this long thing to me and trying to get me to follow her in the house! Uh, no way! Let's just say I was having no part in it. It's so cold here, so Mommy hasn't been able to take me outside for walks, but she said we will when it gets nicer out! Yay! I suppose I better learn how to work with the leash and harness then!

We have been going to Petsmart alot lately and we practice there, but that place is big and there are HUGE doggies walking around everywhere....SOOO, when Mom put me on the ground, I laid down and wouldn't she picked me up.

I always win:)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Laundro-Mat Adventure

Last week, my Mommy decided to take me to the Laundo-Mat (whatever that is)! She tries to take me everywhere with her so that I get used to this big big world!!

So, she said.."Wanna go bye-bye?" and I jumped into my carrier:) Yay! I love going "bye-bye". Just so you know, Mom takes me EVERYWHERE with her! Shhhhh, she hides me in my carrier that looks like a purse!!

Anyways, we went to the Laundro-Mat and I was a good girl! I just sat in my carrier and looked around, napped, AND I made a new human friend. WOO HOO! I felt like I was there forever, but I didn't do any "oopsies" on my blankets:) Mom was proud! I'm getting to be a big girl, well maybe not in size:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How I Am Where I Am Today

This is what love at first site looks like. Some think it doesn't exist, but my Mommy swears by it.

Here's the story of how I ended up where I am today.

My Mommy fell in love with Chihuahuas ever since she held one at a local mall petstore. She admits, she didn't like them before that point. Always assumed they were small, yappy..pretty much what everyone stereotypes us as:( Very sad to think that because we are very loving, loyal, and smart little dogs! I'm not yappy...well, maybe when the mailman comes by and puts mail in the mailbox outside the door:) Hehe..But anyways, my Mama told her parents about Chihuahuas and how she had fallen in love with them, so they did their research on them and sure enough, they came home with Tinkerbell, a spunky little fawn Chihuahua. Mom lived with her parents at the time, but she knew that when she got out and had a place of her own, that she was going to find that perfect little girl!

My Mommy went off to college to become a Kindergarten teacher soon after. Her apartment would not allow puppies:( Finally, Mom got sick of it and moved to a place where she could have one. The search began...

And she ran across my breeder who had me for sale...Mom says I was PERFECT, but duh! No one is perfect, Hehe:) She loved my big apple head, my teeny tininess, and my cute little facial features. It was destiny!!!

Unfortunately, when my Mama called the breeder, I was already sold, but she said she would keep in touch just in case the sale fell through. A couple of days later, my Mommy got an amazing phone call saying that I was AVAILABLE!!! So to make it short and sweet, she went and picked me up that weekend and here I am:)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet Miss Bella Luna

On September 4th 2009, I entered this big, wonderful world. My mommy didn't know I existed until TWO WHOLE MONTHS LATER! Wow, she was really missing out! Anyways, I am almost 6 months now and pretty much a big girl (at least I think so!). I'm a very tiny girl (only weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs) but that doesn't hold me back one bit! Mommy hopes that I grow more so that I can do more things, like go up and down the stairs with ease. Even if I don't, Mommy will love me anyways! She has an obsession with us, Chihuahuas that is. She wishes she could have a whole Chihuahua family, but that's beside the point.
Anyways, here's how my Mommy found me...She had been looking for quite a while for that "perfect" puppy and it seemed like she was never going to find her! UNTIL...she ran across my picture online and instantly knew that I was meant to be hers. And that's pretty much that! Mom came and picked me up that next weekend and here I am. Spoiled as ever.
I'm Bella Luna, a tiny, lovable, spunky, prissy, litte Chihuahua and my Mommy couldn't imagine me any other way:)